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My Own Words

Friends cut.

Friends cut.

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Mommy and Lyssa
This journal is strictly friends only from now on. Thanks!

I am going through and cleaning out my journal. I've needed to do this for quite some time. Also, I am going to do a friends cut today. Please don't take offense if I've cut you... it's just hard for me to read your journals and keep up on your lives, etc. Also, some of you haven't updated in a little while, some of you have deleted your journals, etc.

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  • No offense taken; I do post a lot. :P It's all good.
    • WHOA!!! No, no, no. I like playing your games and stuff. I clicked you and I totally didn't mean to. I will fix it as soon as I get home. *shamefaced*
    • Ah ha ha! I thought you meant to because I'm a posting whore. ;)
    • *poke poke* Still not fixed. ;)
      • Hey, I'd like to see you get on the computer and try to have an internet life while you have a very fussy, colicky 2 month old!!!! LOL. You're added back again, now. :-P
  • Hey, I was just browsing through, and found your journal, (or what's left of it) interesting. If you wouldn't mind maybe I could add ya?
    • Sure, I just deleted out all of my entires since I started my journal wayyyyyy back in the day. I've now started over. I'll add you back!

      I'm not the best at keeping up with friends' entries because life is a bit hectic right now.... but I did just look around on your journal and I like the way you write.

      Welcome! :) Have a great day!
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